Forex Confidante

Forex Confidante

URGENT: Forex insider reveals billion dollar banking you can wield the enormous power of the world's banking elite and pull-down risk free Forex cash...

Peer behind the curtain and see how real wealth is made 24 hours a day...

Forex Confidante

Now YOU Get The Very Same System The
Banking Elite Use To Command Billions Daily...


Eliminate guesswork and know what to trade and when (...with guidance from a Forex pro there's no room for error)...
Set your own hours and work from home (or anywhere else). Let me show you how I traded $1.2 million working from home and gave the finger to the daily commute...
You don't need a website, any special training or previous experience -- start pumping stacks of cash into your bank account immediately...

In a few short minutes I'll make it easier than ever for you to amass real Forex wealth.

But it's crucial you understand a few things...

First off...stop handing over your cash to marketers who don't have the first clue about the Forex market.

Forget buying anything that says it's "automated" or a "robot" -- these are lousy, cheap tactics tapping into your  need for push button, fast cash.

And they don't work - not at all.

Now, I'm not saying you can't take home bulging  sackfuls of cash every day... but if you want to do that you need to listen to an actual member of the Forex trading elite... 

Here's why you need to listen to me...



From Andrew P (Thomas Cook Currency Brokers)

“I can't believe you let his Fu*kin system out!

I traded it with Thomas at CRT, it works.

We made that bank a fortune.”

From: Thomas Strigano
To The Forex Trading Community:

Time to face facts.

Being a 9 to 5 slave is no fun.

Worse... busting your ass to make money for someone else is pure insanity.

You could break your back getting results for a faceless company... only to be shown the door when it suits them.

And then what?

What have you got left for yourself?

Just the measly scraps left over from your salary and the uphill battle of competing with hundreds of others for a new job.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.

How come some folks seem to end up on easy street, sipping cocktails on their private beach? What have they got that you haven't? Simple...


Knowledge that only an elite few have been made aware of. But now...

I'm turning the tables, it's time the "little" guy was allowed in and real wealth made possible for anyone.

I'm about to expose the very same, collossal systems used by world banks to funnel millions upon millions of dollars into their pockets each and every day.

These proprietary systems will be released to you for the very first time and all you have to do is take advantage of my easy, step-by-step blueprint.

We need to clear up something though...

I'm Madder Than Hell Right Now...

I'm hopping mad... wait... I'm freakin' livid at what's going on in the forex market.

Wave after wave of nasty con artists pike disgusting trading systems that haven't a snowball in hell's chance of working.

And of course...

They don't care.

They just want your hard earned dollars so they can carry on pushing more usless trading systems.

I Mean...Forex "Robots"? Give Me A Break!

You really think a robot can thrive in the natural ebb and flow of a market?

Can pick up on every little nuance or tiny tremor in a delicately balanced market?

A ROBOT? Get outta here.

Listen, if you're prepared to see through the blanket of lies currently smothering the market...if you're ready to have the blinkers removed and see how to really make a killing in currency exchange...

Stay with me for the next 7 minutes and I'll explain to you why today is your lucky day.

But I'm going to keep this on the down-low...I can't give away everything on this page, you're gonna have to read between the lines.

Can you do that?

I know you've got half a brain cell 'cos you're still reading.

Congratulations, you've made it to the top 1% of money makers already.

You're open to new ideas and probably already had the sneaky suspicion that something wasn't quite right in the Forex market.

You want to make money like...yesterday and yet every damn product you buy depletes your bank account a little more.

Stop this madness! Read on and prepare to get stinkin' rich.

Why I'm The Real Deal...

Ok, wanna know the major difference between me and all these other bozos out there?

I'm an actual trader.

That's right...I live it as well as talk about it.

I walk the walk.

Beware of scum marketers piking their Forex products purely because they know you'll lap it up.

These idiots don't know a thing about Forex...they just hire some hard-up Indian guy to write you a basic Forex overview and push it on you like it's the second coming.

Or worse...they hire a bored programmer on elance and ask him to create some worthless program that they sell as a Forex Robot.

Pffft! I've had it with this bullsh*t. I'm the real deal, I traded for a living until I discovered a way to trade from home and absolutely coin it on a daily basis.

More of that in a second...

For now, be assured...I know what I'm talking about...and although no one really knows which way the economy is going right now -- these are volatile times in foreign exchange -- if you arm yourself with the right can win BIG.

They  Promise You The Earth And Deliver Squat!

You know who I'm talking about... after you found out  trading forex is the fastest and easiest way to your dreams...  the phonies and rip-off artists try to scam you with crappy two-bit schemes and bunk robots that don't work.

Well, I'm here to tell you...  It's  not  your  fault  .

The sleazeballs pretend to be forex experts when  most of them have never made a single forex trade in their lives.

You're  flushing  hard-earned cash down the toilet if you listen to them.

Listen, the markets are far too complex for robots to work -- no "machine" is ever going to be able to cope with the fluctuations (I'll show you how to "tune in" to the market's ebb and flow later...)

And sometimes you just have to use your common sense --

If it were that easy -- everybody would be doing it! Simply put, Forex robots are a modern version of "snake oil" they don't work, they're just made to look like they do.

But I'll tell you what does work -- the system used by the titanic banking corporations the world over. The system that helps shovel trillions around the markets each day.

The system I personally use and which you're about to get your hands on.

With the economy spinning out of control, time is more precious than ever before  -- you need something simple, quick, and easy...

You need something  real  that makes you money today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life...

Here's Some Proof!

$3,885.00 In One Hour of Trading!



“Ok...So Who Can I Trust?”

It's vital you avoid the lies and deceit and focus on what works.

And the only way to do this is to get your information from someone who has been there and succeeded already.

The difference here is real, from-the-front-line training...using "propretary systems" that until now only the banking glitterati had access to.

Did you read that right?

The exact same systems I used to command trillions of dollars daily while working for a top bank can now be yours to use, from home, on the currency exchange market.

When I left my extremely comfortable job at the bank I decided to build wealth for myself.

I now make a great living trading from home and once you've got the system down you can work from anywhere.

The difference with my system is real hands-on training, not some bullsh*t theory but what actually works in the trenches.

You need a straight-shooter you can trust, someone who has talked the talk and walked the walk.

Forex has been  really  good to me, to the tune of  $1.2 million over the last few years,  and I'll show you exactly how I did it -- step-by-step, right down to the smallest details.


Here's What New Traders Are Saying...

Support Email From Lee:

"The price of your instruction has already been paid for many times over."

Tom, I bought your e-book yesterday, and while I'm still trying to figure out the challenging charting tecniques, I sold two live euro/usd lots this morning at X:XX a.m., after the X:XX price closed lower than the X:XX price, getting filled at 1.2860, setting a target at 1.2750 about ten points above the first major support and Fibbonachi level. The market didn't go against me enough to add to the position, unfortunately, then it headed south like a freight train, crashing through my target about half an hour later before screeching to a halt and reversing about 20 points below the target, netting 220 pips on the two lots.

I can't figure out if you're a genius, or just have the inside scoop on a secret trigger shared by a group of heavyweight market makers to join forces in stealing a little money each morning.

Anyway, thanks for sharing it with me. The price of your instruction has already been paid for many times over.


P.S. I'm sure you are aware of the Forexmeta robot trading contest that takes place each fall wherein the top robots increase their demo accounts between one and two thousand percent in three months. I would think such expert advisors would have value, but you say no. I don't understand.

Reply From Tom:

That's terrific we had the same position on. If you have any questions feel free to call me, I am no genius..Just a trader that has tried many different techniques. I really don t know anything about Robots,I just know if they worked My buddy's that still trade would be sitting on the beach with me Retired...



"I took a trade using your method
and made $263.00..."

I have spent 2 days testing your system, FANTASTIC, I have bought many EA's, what a load of crap (my new best word) so then I decided to learn Forex the hard way by just running demo accounts and just doing it and I thought I was starting to get the hang of it, just going for 10 pips plus spread, trying to get just a few hundred dollars a day. I was happy with that. I am so glad that I bit the bullet and bought your stuff, because I was determined to not spend another cent till I made some money.

I have back tested till my eyeballs were hanging out and last night I took a trade using your method and made $263.00, could have made more but eyes wouldn't stay open.

Thanks again, GREAT


Hey Tom,

“Carlos here, just wanted to thank you for calling and answering my questions. It was a surprise to have you call me, I really appreciate it!"

I also wanted to thank you for writing this book. I have been trading the Forex market for about 5 years, and like most out there I have been looking for a solid system to help me through these tough markets. I have tried allot of systems, with little or no success.

Until now that is, I have put your techniques to practice, and to be honest, still not fully understanding them, I have found a bunch of great trading opportunities. Not only that, it kept me out of some trades that would have caught me by surprise. I now have a better understanding of where the market MIGHT continue the trend, or where it MIGHT reverse, that's HUGE!!!

I look forward to more material from you, and if you decide to start mentoring, sign me up.

Wishing you all the best.
Carlos Salvatierra


"My first trade using your system netted
54 pips on 6 standard lots."

Needless to say I was thrilled because I was never out of the money by more than 18-20 pips. This is a system that you can sink your teeth into and enjoy the fruits your labor.

You can really control your P&L not like some of those robots with stops of anywhere from 300 to 1000 pips.
However you must do your homework because  there is no free lunch. Tom thanks for giving me something that works if I enpend the effort.

What a great program.


"FOREX Confidant is a true real time trading system providing a Trader with true
entry/exit points."


This was my first trade using your strategy. Trading live price movement is the only way to learn how to trade. FOREX Confidant is a true real time trading system providing a Trader with true entry/exit points. By following what you taught me so far from my first reading of your book I have figured out enough to be able to place my first trade which paid for your book and also provided me a profit in the FOREX on my very first trade.

EUR/USD TRADE ON 2/17/2009 @ XXXX GMT Entered @ 1.2765 took Profit @ 1.2562 for 203 PIPS. Knowing when to get into the trade and the possible stopping points of the trade (Taking Profit) is easily determined. Also, I did not even get to apply your CODEX System yet so I know I have even larger profit margins to come from future trades once I understand and apply them. 100 to 200 PIPS a day can surely make a difference in my future. Fantastic System you have taught me with FOREX CONFIDANT.

What a Pleasure to have met you!


Closely Guarded Secrets  From 15 Years
As A Top Forex Bank Trader...

Hi, my name is Thomas Strigano.

At the age of 28 I was the youngest Chief Trader ever at a top Italian bank, so it's safe to say that I know a thing or two about forex trading.

I was entrusted by the world banking elite to manage millions upon millions of dollars. They came to me to guard the world's money and -- as happened one time -- I could go for a piss break and lose a fortune.

But... these very same systems are now about to become incredible power in your hands.

Think about this... if you're trading against the might of gigantic corporations, I mean... what chance do you think you really have?

They've spent millions developing systems that mean they win every single time.


What if you got hold of these closely guarded systems and used them for yourself?

Think you'd stand a better chance?

And what if you had a proven, step-by-step, can't fail. golden insights into the market from a Forex super power holding you by the hand until you too are playing the markets for fun and banking obnoxious amounts of cash?

More Astounding Proof...$4000+ In 90 Minutes!


From Joe Tavella (Trader at Societe Generale Bank)

“I've personally known Tom for many years and traded under his tutelage, he is one of the smartest guys I know in the market. He's developed tons of winning systems that he's taught me and now I can't believe he's going to hand them over to you.

To tell you the truth, I know he's going to get some serious backlash from fellow traders for revealing some of these super secret systems that the major banks are using privately to dominate the forex market.

This guide can take any newcomer off the street and turn them into a seasoned pro making serious cash pulling trades in no time.”

Maybe This Sounds Familiar...?

You're sick and tired  of your thankless, lousy-paying job  and that jackass boss who only notices you when he wants to yell at you and make you feel like sh*t...
You want to  make a lot of money  while working when you want and where you want (skiing in Aspen, lying on the beach in the Bahamas, sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris -- in fact, you can do this from literally  anyplace in the world  that has an Internet connection)...
You're ready to take back your time, your family, your sanity, your peace of mind   -- in fact, total control of your life, to live as you see fit, not as some middle manager or government bureaucrat thinks you should...

But listen, want to know what's still bugging me, what still sti
  cks in my craw...jeez, just the thought of them drives me freakin' nuts.
I'm foaming at the mouth right now... 

Those damn robots.

I'm gonna let you into a little secret about the Forex market...

If you're going to trust your hard-earned money to a computer program, you might as well just go to Vegas and dump it all into the slots... either way, you're throwing it away. 

The market isn't a computer.

In order to grab the cash you need to know what's really going on -- the  secret code  behind  every single forex trade  ...

In A Single Word, I'll Tell You The
One Thing That Controls The Market
Over Everything Else..."


In the real world, the markets go up and down based on human emotions and reactions.

It's basic psychology -- and  that's  why a robot will never be able to make you rich.

Fact is -- you won't win every trade. Losses are unavoidable.But it's how you react to the losses that makes the difference.

That's where a golden set of rules comes in... Instead of getting rattled you just stick to your system.

And you're gonna get given these rules -- and if you stick to them you'll become so rich you'll be able to employ Bill Gates as your assitant.

But you gotta stick to the rules -- promise me that. See...

Most traders act like gamblers at the roulette table -- they keep betting more and more hoping they can turn it around.

What happens?

They end up losing everything 99 times out of 100.

The key is to let the other guys be ruled by their emotions... with my system you'll build on your wins and cut your losses short.

The most sophisticated computer can't predict the anarchy and chaos of the market. If you don't have a set of rules and stick to them you're going to crash...

"If You Don't Follow A Proven Plan,
The Market Will Chew You Up...
And Spit You Out!"

Every other new forex trader has to pay for his early mistakes out of his own pocket -- a "tuition fee" for learning the ropes.

But if you follow my proven insider system, you're getting a scholarship. You skip the apprenticeship and get right to the money-making part.

  From Mark C (Full Time Trader)

“This is an amazing book written by someone who actually knows what he is talking about.  

He has lived the life of a professional trader and understands the practical aspects of trading, both emotional and financial. The book is a fountain of information, delivered in a rapid fire style.  

It tackles an in depth subject with both humor and great competence.  It delivers memorable examples, excellent instruction, and clear and concise explanations.  

Whether you are a complete novice or a full time trader you will come away from this book with an appreciation of Tom's experience and knowledge.  

If you want to be a better trader...then read this book!”

The Most Expensive Rookie  Trader Mistakes...

Not cutting their losses  -- making things worse by holding on to losing positions
Trading on their emotions and gut feelings instead of sticking to their rules
Overtrading and exposing your winnings to unacceptable risk  (this is the most common mistake for new traders)

  "This Information Almost
    See The Light Of Day"

It's a near miracle you're even getting hold of this system.

After all, I cut a lot of ties and burned all bridges in getting this out into the public domain (which is why only a few will ever get their hands on this document, more of that in a moment...)

See, I was a member of a highly secretive group who kept all their cards close to their chest.

I mean...they didn't want the little guy getting hold of their money-siphoning techniques, they wanted to keep it all to themselves like the fat kid in a sweet shop.

And these guys are some of the greediest, savviest sharks you'll ever meet, they're predators.

Anyone caught revealing their system would be fed to the lions and frankly...that's why they don't talk to me anymore, but hey...I'm over it...

Check this out: $5000.00 in 5 Hours!


Stop Swimming With The Sharks...

The stress was too much for me working in a corporate environment, it was dog-eat-dog...I had to escape.

Using the system I learnt on the job I left the fat cats behind and took my future into my own hands.

Now working from home I only have to worry about myself -- and the money...well I've never seen anything like it.

You get to a point where you don't even have to think about whether you can afford something, a point where you can create money literally at will.

I'm handing these plans over to you, you're about to uncover the very same secret techniques I use every day to live a luxurious lifestyle.

But be warned --

If you jump right in without a plan it's a recipe for disaster...

It may all sound complicated but don't worry -- I've already done all the hard work for you...

Forex Confidant - find out the close  ly guarded and much sought after system of a top banker who has made $1.2million trading from home.

Now you can get the very same secrets the elite banking world are trying to keep hush hush from the general public.

But be warned...this system won't be available for long...

  Discover why automated systems cannot - and never will - work ( get access to a method that is time proven and indestructible!)
  The deadly secret of the Forex market that 99% of traders miss...and how you can leverage that fact to maximum advantage...
  How the wisdom of ancient Rome helped form my unique system...
  How to listen to the market until it virtually tells you what to do...
  How to target gaps in the marketplace (...and trample all over the weaker traders)
  My complete blueprint to earn a six figure income minimum from the comfort of your own home...


From Chris Kobewka (Futures & Forex Trader

I'm a real trader; it's how I make my living so I can soon tell if a Forex system is going to work.

I've reviewed Forex Confidant and it did not take me long to establish that it's going to be great for any trader from the novice to the more experienced professional.

Forex Confidant takes you through everything, step by step, from the basics to several trading methods including one of Thomas Strigano's very own methods. It shows you what to do and more importantly what NOT to do when trading Forex.


     "Like An Adrenaline Shot With Steroids
And A Triple-Shot Cappuccino..."

There's nothing quite like the rush you get from spotting a market trend and cashing in on it.

But you have to know what you're doing.

Trading is like legal crack -- you get this incredible rush and it's addictive. If you don't stay in control, you'll trade like a maniac until all your money is gone. I've seen it happen again and again.

My plan was forged in the searing furnace of the European Forex market. I had to make a whopping 8 times my salary in trading profits each year, or I would be just another bum on the street looking for a new job.

I also had 15 other traders working below me, and their losses counted as my losses.   I'm telling you I tested  everything   we did, and only kept doing the things that made us money. (And I kept these killer tactics under lock and key.)

"The Fatal Error Every Forex Rookie
  (And How To Avoid It)..."

Don't  trade on your emotions.

Your biggest trading enemy is you. It's not what the market is doing, or the economy, or the other traders, or world events.

You see, without a plan you're taking dumb risks and before you know it, you're money's gone.

Most traders are more careful with their shopping. If you're spending $1,000 on new golf clubs, you'll compare prices and brands and try out different sets before buying.

Yet the same guy will blow $1,000 on a trade based only on a flimsy "hunch."

Without a proven plan, you're trading on your emotions. You're hypnotized by the constant movements of the market, and make trades based on "feelings."

The problem is most market movements are meaningless. You have to look at the big picture. You always want to be one step ahead. You have to become a genius forecaster.

That's why a proven plan is  essential   if you want to make good money and make it consistently.

"I'll Show You The Big Picture
(And How To Suck In The Big Bucks)..."

You got to understand this: The market doesn't give a damn about you.

It's big and impersonal and runs by its own rules. You don't tell the market what to do...

If you try and force trades based on what  you   think should happen, you'll be in for a very rude slap in the face.

You trade according to what's actually going on, not what you  think   you see or what you  wish   you see.

And you do that by following the steps in my plan. These closely-held secret trading strategies have worked for me to the tune of $1.2 million each year.

Do the same things I did and you'll be blown away with the results.

My 13 personal Forex trading golden rules -- I live and die by these commandments and you will too...
Why you must never, ever think about the money ( sounds odd but failure to ignore the cash could mean you pull the trigger too late).
How to become one with the market...go with the flow or be crushed!
Why I'm risking all giving you this information (you could turn the tables and become just like them...a predator).
Words from my mentor -- "you have to __ in __ (sorry, too risky to give that out here)...
The "skeleton key" to trading is __ __. It's the secret to a good system to make you financially secure...
What I learnt after witnessing a trader completely blow out when I was on the desk of Banca CRT.
The little known Fibonacci technique that works straight out of the can...
The bullet-proof battle plan to enter and dominate any market...hoovering up cash with absolute ease...

"So...Which Will You Be --
A Moron...
  Or A Genius?"

At any moment the market is the total of all the morons and all the geniuses. And I've been both a moron and a genius many times!

But in the long run I've come out way ahead, and that's by following my system.

It's hard to keep up -- you already know that the amount of information thrown at us each day keeps increasing. But the rate of increase is also growing.

Did you know...

In the 1,500 years leading up to Leonardo da Vinci, the amount of information in the world doubled...
By the year 1750 it had doubled again (only 250 years later)...
It only took another 150 years to double again (by 1900)...

Today, 20 years into the modern computer age, information is doubling every year.

That's pretty amazing. And overwhelming.

The problem is, the human brain can only consciously process so much information at one time.

When I first started trading, I tried to keep up with everything happening all the time. I sat in front of a bank of blinking monitors with constantly changing numbers, constant news alerts, and other market feeds.

I wanted to get rich, but mostly I got dizzy after a while. You simply can't handle that much information all at once, and if you try you'll go crazy. Imagine...

$14,000+ In 4 Days...

"I've Done All The Work For You Already --
You Just Need To Get Moving Right Now..."

You don't have to deal with the learning headaches. That's why I developed "Forex Confidante". It's all there -- step-by-step and easy to understand.

I test my theories very carefully and throw out the ones that don't make me money. I ignore the noise and concentrate on the gold nuggets -- the stuff that's proven to bring in the big bucks.

And that's what you get in "Forex Confidante". But you won't
start making money until you act.

"Why should you listen to me?"

Look, I've cracked the code. I learned everything there was to know about forex from the old-timers and took it to a whole new frontier.

I hauled in record-breaking profits when I worked for the biggest European banks, and now I use that experience to make an impressive living from home, working just a few hours a week. (Time to hang out with my little girls, now that's what I'm talking about.)

Francois M. Spot Yen Trader (Sakura Bank NY)

“Tom Knows his Sh*t, he has tagged me a few times in the JPY market.

Cost me a small fortune”

I work when I want, and make more money than ever.

I've traded with some of the biggest names in the biz.

Many you probably haven't heard of, some you have (George Soros once cost me $1.25 million when I left the room for 30 seconds for a bathroom break!).

With "Forex Confidante" you won't waste half your money making rookie mistakes everyone else makes.

Go ahead and give yourself migraines figuring this stuff out. Or skip that part and grab your risk free trial of my system instead.

Then head straight for the dough --  it's up to you  ...

"Make Obscene Amounts of Money  Simply  ,  Quickly  , and Easily  With A Unique And Proven Trading System That Works..."

You'll get  real-world tactics   that let you keep the money you make:

  • Why you have to avoid at all costs trading with "scared money" (...this is what brings down over 90% of rookie traders!) 
  • You'll get the Lucky 13 Golden Rules of Trading (...violate these only if you don't care about your money) 
  • The one thing you MUST do when you're on the losing end of a trade (...if you don't do this, you'll begin a fast, whirling descent to the bottom) 

It's still the Wild, West West out there -- nobody can predict what's going to happen, especially in these doom-laden economic times.

The  only  way to survive the vicious forex jungle is to follow the rules in my guide.

But you have to remember the golden rules...

Leave your ego at the door and ignore your emotions.

You can be "right" or you can make money -- simple as that. I got rich by not caring if I was "right."

Follow my system and put the money in your pocket.

I'm Ready To Invest In My Future

"Whoa...This Complete Forex System
Must Cost a Bundle..."

I'll tell you the price in just a second but I want you to understand something.

I could get away with charging an arm and a leg for this... I mean, where else are you going to get such a quick and easy way to make a fantastic living?

And more than won't see a closely guarded system of its type anywhere else.

"Forex Confidante"   is much more than a manual... it's a total key to your liberation.

You're getting a solid, proven step-by-step system that makes you money for the rest of your life.

I spent 15 years of my life working my ass off in banks to learn everything there is to know about forex. And that's not counting the additional $100,000 for private trading seminars and workshops on the evenings and weekends.

But you can  quickly  and  easily  go from complete newbie to making an income that turns forex veterans green with envy...

"Can You Really Make A Decent Living
Just Trading Forex?"

YES... a solid income is very possible if you follow my plan and stick to it.

Forex Confidante is an easy to follow blueprint. I've distilled the system down to a simple method so there's no room for error. 

You don't need to be a math whiz or a computer geek. You already have what it takes... You just need to take action...

"Ok, So What Is The Price?"

Traders will pay top dollar to get hold of this information.

It's worth millions to them. Seriously...if people are making thousands of dollars every hour and success and failure are poised  on a knife edge...

How much would you pay to have the insider knowledge so it becomes impossible for you to lose?

You're going to find out how to move with the flow of the markets.

You won't be focused on the money you're making when you trade...the big money comes as a by-product of this fail-safe system.

I know bankers who would sell their own mothers to get their greedy mitts on this formula.

But I'm not going to ask for any of your relatives. You will have to pay though. You have no idea of the blood, sweat and tears it took to get this out to you.

However, you won't have to pay my original and very fair price of $1997.

I decided at that price only the fat cats who I hate would be able to afford the course.

After've not joined the elite yet, not until you finish this report.

So I settled on $997 for total access to my millionaire-making inner sanctum. And yet...

Something made me uneasy at that price, I decided to change tack, flatten the price but up the exclusivity.

You can grab this all now - while the banking elite aren't watching - for only $197 ( read on until the end for an extra surprise)...but there's a catch.

I had to come up with a way to make my system retain its value while at the same time get it in the hands of the very people I want to help. You'll see how I've done that towards the end of this letter...

I understand you may still be skeptical so I've removed any risk... 

You're Protected By My...

100% No Questions Asked
Moneyback Guarantee

Look over everything in my package and give it a try...

If you don't feel I've  over-delivered   in every possible way on everything I'm giving you...

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I can make this guarantee because I  know   my system works and I believe in it 200%.

I've Got Nothing To Lose With The Money-Back Guarantee -- Let Me In Now, Thomas

Craig S.  Currency Broker (Lasser Marshall/Prebon)

“Tom brings his years of market experience as a Chief Dealer of CRT Bank NY together, in a well-written,and concise explanation of how to enter low risk high reward trades.

A must read for the novice and experienced trader alike.”

Paul C. Economist

“Raw Trading at its best.

Tommygun  ...over delivers...

The money management system in the book is worth thousands.”

"I frankly cannot believe you are giving it
away for this price."

Hi Tom,

I have been following your Codex system for the last week and when I first read it I thought to myself  'Yea Right- No way would this work'. You are making a believer out of me. Today I was overconfident so actually got stopped out when I should have bailed at 30 pips.

I have taken countless Forex courses the past 18 months learning this beast. I frankly cannot believe you are giving it away for this price..

I have paid much more and gotten crap. Anyway, I really enjoy your material and I especially like the video's, your sense of humor  and your explanation of  the market, sensational.

I hope you don't mind if I ask you questions in the future, I am trying to soak up as much as possible independently before I bug you. I have only one question if you don't mind answering.

Why are you giving this information out? It seems to good to be true. Ok, One additional question will the codex work with pairs other than eur/usd?

Consider me a fan,

"As I write this email I am up OVER 600 PIPS!"


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge to the little guy. Finally a system that works.  As I write you this email I am up over 600 pips.  Your system is fantastic. I like the system because it is based on price action and not relying on indicators that give you false signals. I would get into a trade and not know when to get out.  With your system I have been able to get in set my targets and know when to get out. 

I have tried many systems and none of them come close to yours.  With other systems I was over trading because the moving average did this, the MACD did that, the stochastics did that and I end up losing money.  Know I wait for the set up and take the trade with confidence.

Thanks Thomas,
Todd Mitchell



"The Definition of Insanity Is Doing
The Same Things Over And Over and
Expecting Different Results..."

If you're trading forex randomly and without a plan, playing on hunches and "instinct," then you may as well just dump your money into the slot machines in Vegas and hope for that 1-in-a-million big payoff.

Or you can follow a proven system of money-making rules. Stick to it. 

Don't be a gambler... be a winner.

But here's the bad news I warned you order to keep the exclusivity of this offer I've had to be tough on you.

I can only allow a few into my inner circle.

Its better for me and it's vital for you that as few people know about this as possible...and I don't just mean the actual system but the fact I'm giving away this system for so little.

The guys back in their offices would tear my head off if they found out what I was doing (and they already hate my guts!)

So I've limited this information...only a few dozen people will get their hands on it.

If you're seeing this webpage then you're just in time. I urge you to grab the opportunity now before I take down this offer...

Or before I'm silenced forever...

Enough already -- time to finally write your own ticket and live your life to the hilt.

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Thomas  , I'm ready to finally invest in my future. I'm tired of financial troubles and being controlled by others. This is the perfect money-making opportunity I've been waiting for.

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Once you've gone through the book (it's an easy read) and start trading, you'll be smacking yourself in the head wondering why you stayed in your rut for so long... Do yourself a favor and download the course right now...

To your trading success!

Thomas Strigano
"Forex Confidante"

P.S.  For the first time ever -- you get to use the genuine, trillion dollar systems of the world banking elite. You can charge into markets with incredible power and take on the top dogs with ease. No other Forex system shows you how to do this...

I'm Ready To Make Some Serious Trading Profits

P.P.S.   Don't fall for those pathetic forex "robot" scams   -- why trust your trading money to a computer program? Following my plan is easier than installing and configuring some crappy software and it actually works. It's also a lot more fun.

Give Me The Keys To The Kingdom

P.P.P.S.   If for any reason you think it's not working for you, or decide you're not cut out to be a trader after all, or if you don't totally enjoy the book for  any   reason at all... you've got up to two months to get a full no hassle refund. So I'm taking all the risk here -- so in essence you have nothing to lose!

...and stay away from those damn robots!



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