Broken Up Recently? Do You Desperately Want To Get Back Together And Have One Last Shot At It?

Here's How To MAXIMIZE Your Chances Of Winning Your Ex Back And Get Your Relationship Back On The Right Track By Keeping Them Craving More!


From: Mirabelle Summers
Date: July 01, 2009

Dear Friend,

If you're going through the emotional turmoil of a break-up that you didn't want to happen (or now regret happening), then you have my whole hearted sympathy. I know what you are going through, I've been there, it isn't a happy place and it isn't an exaggeration to say that it might even feel like someone has just died.

There is not a lot in this world that is more painful than the feeling that someone that you love no longer loves you back, or feels that way about you.

It might feel as though they have suddenly turned 'cold', like they've turned into a different person.

I know when I had my most painful break-up, quite a few years ago now, it was an extremely terrible time. I was only getting about half an hours sleep each night for the first 2 weeks, and my heart felt like there was a permanent dagger in there. Not a happy place to be.

Anyway, we've established that breaking up feels horribly bad. And I am going to reveal to you my powerful methods for winning back your ex, but first I have a very important question to ask you before carrying on...

Why Do You REALLY Want To Get Back Together With Your Ex? And Is It REALLY A Good Decision To Take?

I'm asking you these questions because you've just broken up and you're hurting. You must have broken up for a reason, even if it wasn't you who made that decision.

Is it really the best thing to get back together? Are you sure that there isn't someone else out there for you (once you've let yourself heal from the pain).

Were you and your ex really good together? Did they treat you well?

More importantly, did they support you in your goals and did you support them wholeheartedly in theirs? I'm asking that question in particular as it is the biggest determining factor in long term relationship success according to numerous studies.

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If you ARE sure that this IS the path that you want to take. And you REALLY want to know how to MAXIMIZE your chances of winning your EX back, then read on...

The first thing that you need to do right now is STOP doing what ever you are doing to win your ex back.

If you are reading this page then what you are doing obviously isn't working or you wouldn't have needed to find and read this page.

Stopping what you are doing means:

  • If you are begging or pleading with your ex, or trying to guilt them into getting back together with you... By all means... DON'T!
  • If you are trying to arrange times to meet with your ex, and keep trying to see them so that they won't forget you... DON'T!
  • If you are writing letters, sending flowers, gifts or any other means of showing your ex that you are desperate to win them back... STOP DOING THIS RIGHT NOW!

Don't worry, my methods are not about trying to 'treat them mean to keep them keen' or any of that nonsense. But you DO need to understand what is going on inside your ex's mind (which I cover in my book), and you DO need to give them space (if you aren't), and you DEFINITELY need to get your life back in order.

But first ... let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I know what I'm talking about.

Who Is Mirabelle Summers?

  • Online author of ?2nd Chance? and ?Conversation Chemistry"
  • Relationship advice reaches 1000s of men and women EVERY DAY across the globe!
  • International research into dating cultures: Toronto, London, Christchurch...
  • Believes in taking the opposite sex off the pedestal and empowering oneself to get the right relationship ... not just any relationship

""Mirabelle Summers' easy-going yet outspoken style is but one indication that she is absolutely the perfect gal to share some much-needed straight talk ... about how to find and attract [the opposite sex].""
(Emily McKay, X & Y Communications,

"A sassy smart guide to modern dating, seasoned with a dash of wit and a dose of candor!"
(Amy Waterman, author of How to Be Irresistible to Men, )


Now, let's get back to YOU.

The most attractive thing that you can do right now, before anything else, is to get your life back on track. Start having a pile of fun, go out often. See your friends, your family and make some exciting plans for the future, for example a holiday away or something to look forward to.

Your ex will be A LOT more attracted to the mystery of 'why are you so happy?' than they will be attracted to you trying to win them back through letters, guilt and smothering. You can't have them think that they are the be-all and end-all of your life if you seriously want to win them back. That doesn't make you attractive, it makes you look desperate.

Trust me with what I'm saying about focusing more on getting yourself happy first (without making them responsible for your happiness) and you'll double your chances of winning them back, right off the bat.

The above is really just a quick stepping stone to give you a much higher chance of winning back your ex, but, I cover absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to know about how to win your ex back and keep them craving more, in my book "How to Win Your Ex Back".

Here are the details of what is inside:


Do you continuously think about your ex? Can't get them out of your head? Here's how to stop that and get your happiness and freedom of mind back on track (and it'll make you more likely to win them back in the process).


Find out the CRITICAL step you MUST take to maximize your chances of getting back together with your ex. A staggering 90% of people fail at this step, not because it is too difficult, but because they don't know how necessary it actually is and why.


Learn how to pinpoint the precise reasons for your breakup so that you can use this separation as an OPPORTUNITY for you to get perspective on the relationship, understand where it hasn't been perfect, and imagine what the future might look like for both of you. Until you find out what that REASON is, and until you take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY this break up presents, you're not going to be able to get back together with your ex ... at least not in any lasting way.


5 essential tips for what to do if you accidentally bump into your ex unexpectedly. Also, discover what to do if you bump into them with their new partner.


How to maximize your chances of winning your ex back if you've done something seriously wrong (If you've done something terrible, like cheating, then it may well be all over, and we don't condone it at all, but follow our steps and you WILL maximize your potential chances of reconciliation).


Exactly what to do and say in phone conversations, texts, emails, public encounters and private encounters.


Back together? Not broken up yet? Here's how to get your relationship back on track towards a healthy and enriching relationship!

  Did you know that your friends can work to your disadvantage just as much as they can be an advantage? Discover why this is, and how to use your friends to help you get back together.

How to be a fun and exciting person, so that you are more mysterious and attractive.


How to get your ex to initiate contact with you following a break up.


How to get through the awful pain of the immediate grief of a split with your ex.


What to do if external factors are influencing your relationship in a negative way . It's important to realize that other people and events can contribute to tensions leading to a breakup and what to do to lesson their impact on your relationship.

  The critical importance of your social value and how important it is to your overall attractiveness 'rating'. Discover 3 ways to avoid jeopardizing your social status (and your chances of getting your ex back) AND learn how to raise your social value to irresistible high levels.

The 5 conversations that most people try to have with their ex following a breakup (that you will probably be tempted into having too!) YOU DON'T NEED to have any of these conversations and they can actually HARM rather than HELP you.


If you're the type of person who stops trying to attract their partner once you have some sort of commitment, then it's time that you had a refresher course on flirtation. You'll discover all about how to flirt with your partner (when you two are back together) in fun and exciting ways in this book, so you'll always keep attraction between the two of you alive.


Romantic movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to how we deal with breakups. If you believed Hollywood, you'd actually think that throwing yourself at the other person's feet, sending them rooms full of roses, trying to kill yourself, or concocting elaborate plots to win them back would work. But reality has different ideas. I show you why keeping your integrity and self-respect is crucial to winning your ex back.


How to truly accept your breakup happened for a reason. This is very important so that it stops feeling like a barrier between you and your ex. Instead, it will become a springboard for self-knowledge and an improved relationship, should you get back together.


Discover why an apology is NOT what your ex is looking for. This is a very important concept to understand. Also, more importantly, you'll learn how to find out what they DO want, so you can grow together by understanding them more.


Find out all about the push-pull theory of attraction.


How to truly forgive past things your partner has done in your relationship. And find out the 5 critical reasons why not forgiving will sabotage a second chance at a relationship with your ex.


The 5 points that you MUST adhere to if you have to be in contact with your ex because of mutual commitments.


Hear real life case studies of people in a variety of situations who have gotten back together with their ex's. Perhaps one of these situations will be like your own? In any event, they should be very inspiring to you and there are lots of amazing lessons to be learned from what worked and what didn't.


Before I show you how to rebuild your connection with your ex, I want to make you aware of some danger zones that could drive an even greater wedge between you and your ex, if you're not careful.


After showing you how to back in control of your feelings and emotions, I will show you how to look at your past relationship and avoid the temptation to take all the responsibility for its demise on yourself. You can't just "fix" your relationship with a simple apology and expect everything to return to the way it was. This step is crucial for getting a realistic perspective on what it will take to create a newer, even better relationship with your ex.


The essential ingredients of how attraction works for men and women.


How to deal with, and resolve, the angry feelings you may be having. It's impossible to experience a breakup without feeling upset, rejected, hurt, even bitter. You need to deal with those negative emotions before you're ready to face your ex again, because even if you think you can hide your feelings well, your ex will be able to sense that you're not actually over the breakup-no matter how well you're pretending.


Find out the truth about the effect that grooming and how you look has on your relationship and potential of reigniting the fire.

  How to impress everyone with the way that you are handling the situation, including your ex, and probably even more importantly... follow my advice and you'll impress yourself!

And that's not all!

I've left no stone unturned to MAXIMIZE your chances of winning back your ex by covering everything that you NEED to know.


I Want Success With 2nd Chance Right Now!


Success Story: Mark G.
"I've purchased quite a few of your products"

"Hi, this is Mark Goudy from Marietta, Ohio, and I've purchased quite a few of your products.

I have purchased "Supreme Self Confidence," and a few others, including "2nd Chance." Actually, "2nd Chance" is amazing, and I think it's the best of all the products that I have found.

While I was trying to get my ex back, I downloaded probably 50 or more ebooks, and this one was just amazing. All the others addressed how to deal with her, but not how to deal with yourself.

After reading that book I realized that that's the most important part. And my ex and I are not back together yet, but we are talking and spending time together, and are well on our way.

So I would really recommend "2nd Chance" to anyone, and I've actually recommended it to a couple of my friends already who are in the same situation as me.

The best benefit that I have got from Meet Your Sweet is just realizing that not all of the downloaded ebooks that you can get online are scams, and they're not poorly written by people just to make money. This one is very comprehensive, it's very in-depth, and it's really written in a tone that anyone can understand.

And all those things that are going through your mind when you're upset and you're missing your ex, all those things, they're just calmed by the way that the author speaks through the books. And like I said, the difference between Meet Your Sweet and the other courses that I have purchased online, has to do with:

* The writing.
* Has to do with the level of professionalism. These are obviously written by professional counselors, where as some of them are written by pick-up artists, or some random person.
* The focus on yourself.

And I'm not playing games, it's probably the most important thing because, dealing with your ex, that's only about a quarter of what you should be doing. The other three quarters is working on yourself. Now while the other books tell you to work on yourself, they don't specifically say what they mean.

Because they may say work on yourself outwardly, throw your energy into art or exercise, but they don't give you exercises to do to free your mind and point out how you're thinking about things wrong. And to encourage you, and to make you think about the situation, make you realize that things aren't really as bad as they really seem. And make you realize that getting your ex back is not the hard part.

Getting your ex back is actually the easy part. It's just maintaining that afterward."

- Mark G.
Marietta, Ohio


Here's what else you're going to learn...


You CANNOT control how other people behave, feel and act. But you CAN control how you let things affect you and what you are going to learn from this experience. I show you how to gain control back over your thoughts and feelings so that you can learn and grow.


Find out the top 5 ways that people try to win back their ex... But fail. Don't make these mistakes yourself!


You MUST follow my 4 crucial steps BEFORE agreeing (or asking) to discuss your breakup with your ex. This conversation will determine whether or not there's a future for the two of you, so it's vital that you listen to my powerful advice.


Discover the 4 powerful healing emotions that you must express in order to heal your heart from loss. You may THINK that you don't have to concern yourself with those feelings, because you'll be back together with your ex soon. But you ignore them at your peril.


Why one person always being the apologizer and the fixer is NOT the answer to getting your relationship back . Nor is it a healthy way for a long term relationship to function.


I help prepare you for the fact that winning your ex back is going to be a difficult process. Your ex may not want to save the relationship. Your ex may be hostile. Your ex may be hurting in the same way you are. There are many other things to prepare for too. Discover what to be ready for and how to react when these difficult situations arise.


How to get your ex out of your head so that you can gain control of your emotions and life again . A person who's dreaming of doing new things, who's grateful for the good things in their life, and who's looking forward to the future - THAT is the person who your ex is going to be most attracted to. NOT the person who is only focused on their relationship with their ex and the possibility that it might be lost forever.


Is your relationship really worth saving? I help you to examine your motivations for saving your relationship so that you are doing it for the right reasons and will be more likely to be happy long term.


Discover how to get your life back on track so that you are happy and have a positive future ahead of you, whether or not you get back together. This is ESSENTIAL. You need to be able to be happy without your ex in order to maximize your chances of getting back together. Not only that, but you'll be better off, no matter what the outcome.


Appreciation - How it works and how to get your ex to appreciate YOU.


3 essential communication techniques that you can be certain will help maximize your chances of winning back the heart of your ex. Most people fail at these, so pay close attention to this section!


Learn the 5 essential steps to getting over the grief and pain of a breakup.


What won't help win them back. Find out all the common things that most people do (perhaps even you!) to try to win back their ex's. These are warning signs so you'd better read up on them so you know what is likely to happen if you do these things, and also, most importantly, discover what you should be doing instead.


The three traits that you MUST master if you're going to move from merely being acquaintances to your ex to being lovers again.


How to turn your breakup into a process of growth and learning... no matter how upset and hurt you feel right now!


What to do if your ex is seeing someone else.


Discover EXACTLY when to make contact with your ex, and how to act, what to say and what to do when you see them again. There are some specific things that ALMOST EVERYONE does when trying to get back together with their ex that usually kills any chance you've got. I show you what NOT to do, and more importantly, what you should do instead.

  How to talk about your breakup with your ex. I tell you when is appropriate and what to say.

By following my important detailed exercise, you'll be able to see your relationship through clearer, more objective eyes. The aim is that once you can see what's good about the relationship (in terms of a vast variety of measuring sticks) as well as what's bad about it, you can be much more effective in fixing what is wrong with the relationship rather than relying on guesswork or making the same mistakes over and over next time.


AFTER YOU'VE GOTTEN BACK TOGETHER... I don't just leave you there! I also show you how to make sure that the love in your relationship increases by leaps and bounds every day and every week that you are together. Using these principles, you'll create a relationship that is so much more amazing than your past relationship together that you'll thank your ex for the breakup that gave you these insights.

  You're going to know what it takes to draw even closer to your partner when you face conflict. You'll learn how to work through arguments and how to grow together from arguments rather than apart.

Getting back together with your ex will NOT make your life perfect; your partner should COMPLEMENT you, not COMPLETE you. In my book, I don't just show you how to win back your ex. I show you how to become a better, more fulfilled person in the process. This will aid you positively for the rest of your life, whether you are in a relationship or single.


At, we take counseling people through their dating and relationship crises very seriously, and we only provide the best advice that will help people achieve their personal goals. That's why the 7th section of this book is a series of reader questions and my personal answers to them. Every person has different problems they're facing, and it isn't always clear how to apply a general principle to their situation. That's why I want you to see theory in action. Hopefully, one of the reader questions will describe YOUR situation to a T!


I Want To Be A 2nd Chance Success.
Get My Copy Now Please!

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Well you've just seen above how comprehensive my instant download book "2nd Chance - How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex" is.

I'm serious when I say that you won't find any more powerful book, course, or advice around on how to win your ex back. Of course I can't apply the advice for you, but I am giving you the advice you need to MAXIMIZE your chances of winning your ex back.

Success Story: Kudzy M.
"Meet Your Sweet saved my relationship!"

"Hi Mirabelle,

My name is Kudzy. In November of 2008 I emailed my best friend to tell her I was having problems with my boyfriend and how I didn't know if I could handle it. She tried to make me feel better and made me believe things would work out, and that it was just a passing phase, but I was convinced this was the end.

Later in the day as I was about to leave the office she forwarded me your newsletters, which I then signed up to.

My biggest benefit from your letters has been finding out that my personality and conduct also matter and are a big deal with my man and not just sex. I used to think if our sex life was great there was no need to be my best all the time and I know now that I was wrong.

Meet Your Sweet saved my relationship. I've learnt to give my man the space he deserves and to have respect for myself. Now my boyfriend knows that he cannot ask me out on a date impromptu because I will have made plans of my own, he knows that he cannot come to my house after 9pm and just try to have sex. He has changed because I have changed thanks to meet your sweet. As the lessons keep coming in my relationship keeps improving.

Meet your sweet is the best website on love that I have come across. It tackles issues head on and Mirabelle gives such practical advice which makes life and love a good thing to have. Thanks once again Ms. Summers and your team, you are the best!!!"

- Kudzy M.
Johannesburg, South Africa

How Much Does This Book Cost?

Before mentioning the price, I'd like to remind you that my book has been specifically designed to:


Maximize your chances of winning back your ex


Help you get your life back on track so that you are happy again and have a positive and exciting future ahead of you... no matter what happens.

  Help you gain perspective and work through what really went wrong, and discover relationship secrets to help you avoid going down the path that caused your breakup again. And get your relationship back on track towards mutual growth and bonding.


Now I want you to think about how much it is really worth to you to win back the love of your ex?

How much is it worth to you to not only get your ex back, but to also get your life and overall happiness and future outlook back on track?

And once you do get back together, how much is it worth to get your relationship on the right track so that it doesn't go down the same path again that caused your breakup?

That's a lot of important things to put a price on, but I'm serious... how much is it worth?



I don't think that is an exaggeration. You can't really put a price on how your love life turns out. That said, I've put my whole heart into this book and I really want you to have it and gain the immense value from it that I know you will!

With that in mind, I've decided to make my instantly downloadable book available, the one that I've poured my heart and soul into writing, at an affordable price of only $37!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of my special relaunch offer: until July 8th, 2009 , I've decided to offer it for just $99.95 $37 (for a limited time only)... including a bunch of super bonuses, worth $60.00, that you receive absolutely FREE.

However, please be warned... Given the sheer quantity of insights and strategies I've packed into this brand-new version of 2nd Chance, and given that I need to preserve the potency of this course, I want you to know that I *do* expect to raise the price shortly, once my relaunch celebration is complete, to the updated price of $99.95. At $37 I'm really underselling this course and I do plan to raise it to its rightful price once this relaunch is complete. So this $37 special offer can only be guaranteed if you purchase now.

I'm sure you'll agree that is peanuts compared to the incredible value that I'm providing you in my book.

But, how can you be certain that my book will live up to your expectations? I hate to say it, but there is a lot of over-hyped crap out there on the internet. With that in mind, I've decided to offer you...

My Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

You're probably wondering... What's an unconditional 100% money back guarantee?

I'm allowing you full download access to "2nd Chance - How To Win Back The Love Of Your Ex"and if you don't like it, you can get your money back. guarantee

That's my UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You simply fill in your credit card or Paypal details and you get to access the members area and download "2nd Chance" PLUS both the super bonuses right now in less than 5 minutes. You can go through the entire product, evaluate it and if you don't like it, you have up to 60 days from your date of purchase to get a full refund.

That means that if you don't like the product for any reason, you can email us and we will give your money back.

That's how confident I am in what I have to offer you. I'm sure that once you read and start implementing what I have to offer you, it'll be so beneficial to you and your dating/relationship life that you'll be glad to pay $99.95 $37 for it.

PLUS, even after you are billed your one-time payment of $99.95 $37, you still have up to 60 days to gain a full refund from us if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

So there you have it, go get your instant access right now!...

But Wait... There's More!

I really want to make sure that you are getting the best possible value for your money. So I'm also throwing in 2 amazing SUPER BONUSES...

Here Are The Details Of Your Amazing SUPER BONUSES ($60 Value!)...

Super Bonus #1: How To Be Happy

We owe it to our partners to be happy. Emotions are contagious: if you are depressed, stressed, or anxious much of the time, your attempts to rekindle past relationships will be in vain.

When you rediscover that happy self that your ex originally fell in love with, they may very well find themselves rediscovering the feelings that originally attracted them to you.

Discover the secrets to happiness in this easy-to-read ebook. You'll discover where to begin your quest for happiness, what characteristics support happiness and what characteristics make it difficult to be happy, how to create a self-development plan to achieve the level of happiness you desire, how to target the causes of unhappiness and re-frame them, and how to be happy in an imperfect world.

Super Bonus #2: How To Heal The Pain Of A Breakup

If you are trying to win back the love of your ex, it can be extremely difficult to be your best self when you are trying to cope with the physical and emotional pain of your breakup.

That's where this bonus mini-book comes in. I've written it to guide you through the process of getting over the pain of a breakup so that you'll be back to your happy self again, free from those repetitive hurtful thoughts that are so hard to get out of your mind.


5 Good Reasons to Buy 2nd Chance Right Now:

Within a few minutes from now, you can gain instant download access and start rethinking what you are doing to get back with your ex. I will stop you from making the same mistakes over and over that are pushing them away, and help you develop a plan and strategy that is not only going to maximize your chances of winning them back, but keep them craving more. I have 175 pages of mental mastery and positive steps that will help you reconnect and regenerate your relationship!
1619 other people have used 2nd Chance to win back their ex and create a relationship even stronger than before. This is about much more than just saving your relationship. It's about developing a new culture of interaction that's going to strengthen the bond you have as a couple.
From all my years of research studying human behavior I've learnt one important thing: If you really want your life to change, you have to commit to doing something about it. Do you really want to be a victim? Do you want people to feel sorry for you or do you want to win your ex back? Do you want your ex to love and respect the person that is trying to give it a second shot, or do you want them to come back out of guilt? Save your relationship for the right reasons and renew your love for one another using the carefully crafted strategies laid out in my 2nd Chance course.
If you act on or before July 8th, 2009 , I've decided to give you special pricing, plus 2 Super Bonuses. This is to ensure that your whole range of scenarios and questions about winning back your ex are answered once and for all.
With your instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you. If you aren't satisfied for ANY reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I will refund your payment. Right up to the final week of my 8 week (56 day) guarantee.

So there you have it, go get your instant access to "2nd Chance - How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex" right now!...

Yes, I want FULL download access to
"2nd Chance - How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex" right now!

I understand by gaining access that:

  • I get access to "2nd Chance - How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex" for a one-time payment of $37! (Valid Until Midnight July 8th, 2009 Only)

  • I also get full access to the Super Bonuses as part of my purchase.

  • If I am unsatisfied for any reason, I can get a refund by sending Meet Your Sweet support an email (I also have up to 60 days to receive a full refund)



Thank you so much for your time.

If you apply the methods in my book and listen to the advice in the bonuses, then I have no doubt that this will give you the maximum possible chance of winning back your ex! And you'll be a become a better, more fulfilled person in the process.

I can't wait to hear your success story and hope that you'll tell others about my product after you experience profound results!

Your friend,
Mirabelle Summers

mirabelle summers

2nd Chance - How To Win Back The Love Of Your Ex!
(Co-authored by Amy Waterman)


P.S. In my experience, very few people choose to take action on something when they don't act on it right away. With that in mind, if you don't take action right now, will you win back the love of your ex? Will you truly grow from this experience, or will it haunt you in the future?

P.P.S. You must act fast on this special price, as I can only guarantee to hold it open until July 8th, 2009. After that, you may pay a LOT more for this information.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget you get to access "2nd Chance - How To Win Back The Love Of Your Ex" in as little as 5 minutes from now AND you can cancel within 60 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied. I've made it easy for you by taking all the risk myself because I believe in my course and the value that it'll give you.

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