The problem is that most parents of strong-willed, out of control teenagers
have tried very hard to
regain control -- but with little or no success.  And
it seems the harder the parent tries, the more the teenager "acts-out."  

I often hear the following statement from parents:
"I've tried everything
with this child -- and nothing works!
"  But when they attend my parent-
, they soon discover they have not tried everything, rather they have
some things.  Learn more about the parent-program.

Now there is an
online version of the parent-program for working parents
who are struggling with their out-of-control teenagers, and you will experience
the same success as those who attend the program in person.  

You will learn
cut-to-the-chase parenting strategies that work immediately
rather than months or years down the road.  And I guarantee your success or
you get your money back -- and you can
keep the package I am about to offer
you.  This is how confident I am that the
online version of the parent-program
is going to work for you.  

online version is called Online Parent Support (OPS).

CLICK HERE to learn more about OPS

includes My Out-Of-Control Teen eBook (a digital book).  In this
book, I share over 150 proven techniques to use with your strong-willed,
out-of-control teenager.  If parents don・t have these techniques, all they
are left with are
conventional parenting techniques.  And as they may
have discovered,
conventional techniques don't work with unconventional
Learn more.

CLICK HERE to view a partial list of topics covered in the eBook

Believe it or not, your child doesn't need counseling.  You don・t need
parenting classes.  You don・t need -- nor would you want -- a 250-page
manual on
how to be a better parent.  Who has time for that?  And you
don・t need to go through another year of pain and misery with rebellious,
foul-mouthed teenagers with an "attitude."

However, what you may need is someone who has worked with troubled teens
and frustrated parents for nearly 20 years -- and does so for a living -- to show
you a set of very effective parenting techniques that are guaranteed to work.  
That would be me, Mark Hutten.

OPS includes:

  • Live Audio Recordings of the entire parent-program I conduct at
    Madison Superior Court, Div. 2

  • Power Point Presentations and Videos shown during the program    
    (plus dozens of additional videos on everything from ADHD to
    Wilderness Programs)

  • OPS Website -- updated daily with many additional parenting resources

  • OPS Bonus eBooks Site -- I obtain re-distribution rights to other
    parenting eBooks and offer them FOR FREE to members of OPS;
    currently there are 44 additional eBooks for download ($318. value)

  • Parent Forum -- where members of OPS support and seek advice from
    one another; meet and talk (via forum or chat) to married and single
    parents who are experiencing the same parent-child difficulties as you  

  • OPS Bi-Weekly Newsletter -- provides additional resources for
    parenting today's teens and pre-teens

  • Access to me via phone, email, or OPS Chat Room -- always feel free    
    to contact me as often as needed while you begin to implement your    
    new parenting strategies

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Whether you have big problems or small problems, teens or preteens, whether
you are a single parent, divorced or separated parent, adoptive parent, foster
parent, step parent, a traditional two-parent family, or a grandparent raising a
grandchild -- this material is guaranteed to work for you.

Initially, the parents who attend my
parent-program (the same program
you・ll get with Online Parent Support) are at their "wit's end" and describe
home-life as :hell's kitchen.;  

A few short weeks after they complete the program (which is divided into
4 sessions, 90 minutes each session), the majority of parents report that
problems in their homes have
reduced in frequency and severity
and are finally manageable.

You・ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get started with these non-
traditional parenting strategies
.  Whenever you have a couple spare moments
sitting at your computer, you can see how to bring about
positive change in
your household...

Kchange that will
reduce parent-child conflict;

Kchange that will
reduce your stress-level significantly;

Kchange that will
increase the likelihood that your child will be a success --
both at school and in life.

  • Is your child in charge (the tail is wagging the dog)?
  • Does she/he have an "attitude" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Is she/he resentful about something that happened in the
    past and just can・t seem to get over it?

Are you concerned that your child is:

  • Having unprotected sex?
  • Hanging with the wrong crowd?
  • Experimenting with drugs or alcohol?

Has your child:

  • Lied to you?
  • Stolen from you?
  • Skipped school?
  • Destroyed property?
  • Ran away from home?
  • Had a brush with the law?
  • Refused to follow any rules?
  • Stayed out at night without permission?

If so, then I hope you download My Out-Of-Control Teen eBook and join
Online Parent Support today.
Emails from a few of the
parents who have joined
Online Parent Support:
Click Here to Order "My Out-of-Control Teen" eBook
and Join Online Parent Support
for a one-time payment of only $29.00
Members Download Access provided by
Sold by Clickbank/Keynetics Ltd (Idaho, USA).
Instant Download Access
More emails...

How much longer will you tolerate
dishonesty and disrespect?

How many more temper tantrums
and arguments will you endure?

Have you wasted a lot of time and energy
trying to make your child change?

If so, then this may be the most
important letter you'll ever read:

Online Parent Support is all about:

  1. Serving people, specifically parents who are at a point of frustration
    with their child's emotional/behavioral problems and resultant parent-
    child conflict
  2. Providing an invaluable product that everyone can afford
  3. Providing a parenting-package that continues to grow over time by
    incorporating additional products and services at no extra cost to existing

Feel free to contact me.  You'll get no "sales pitch" -- just answers to any
questions you may have.

  • My email:
  • Toll free: 856.457.4883 (please leave a message)
  • My cell: 765.635.9037

1. What is your toughest parenting challenge currently?
2. What other problems are you experiencing with your child right now?
3. Do you have any questions about
OPS or My Out-Of-Control Teen eBook?

Here is a recap of what you・ll receive when you join Online Parent Support:

  • My Out-Of-Control Teen eBook which contains the text version of the
    parent-program -- you'll get the online version and the printable hard-
    copy version  

  • Live audio recordings you can listen to online

  • Power Point Presentations and Videos you can view online

  • Full access to OPS Website

  • Full access to Bonus eBooks Site

  • Parent Forum where a community of parents support each other

  • OPS Bi-weekly Newsletter

  • On-going & easy access to your own personal parenting-coach via
    phone, email correspondence, or OPS Chat Room

  • No hassle money-back guarantee
From the Office of Mark Hutten, M.A.
Madison Superior Court, Division 2
Author of
My Out-of-Control Teen
Does your child often:
  • lose his temper
  • argue with adults
  • refuse to comply with rules and requests
  • deliberately annoy people
  • blame others for his mistakes and misbehavior

Is your child often:
  • touchy and easily annoyed by others
  • angry and resentful
  • spiteful and vindictive
No Monthly Fees
Order Online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year
As Featured On Ezine Articles
As Featured On
All rights reserved. Material from may not
be copied, reproduced, or distributed in any way without consent.
Website by MBH Publishers
If you are
items online,
you may write
a check
Dear Discouraged/Frustrated Parents,

I know I・ve made some pretty strong claims above. And you might be thinking,
"This guy is full of it Khe must think he can work miracles.;

No, I・m not a miracle worker.
But you don・t need a miracle! All you need is this
simple  set of proven parenting techniques to use with your oppositional, defiant child.

I'm not offering a complete cure for ALL behavior problems, and I'm not trying to claim
that every single thing that you'll ever need to help your child is in my eBook. But if you
are looking for
rock solid and proven solutions to a whole bunch of parenting-
that you have with your out-of-control child, then I'm confident that you
can benefit from my help.

For many years now I've been running a very successful parent program, but I wanted to
take it a step further.  I wanted to reach out to parents worldwide and help them discover
there really is light at the end of the tunnel. That・s when I came up with
Online Parent Support (OPS).  Since its launch in 2004, OPS has overwhelmed users and
success rates have been phenomenal.

If you're one of those parents who has paid a fortune on
must-have parenting eBooks
only to find they were full of useless information you could have gotten anywhere, then
don・t make the mistake of clicking off this site before you at least call or email me with
some specific questions about
My Out-of-Control Teen eBook. I guarantee you won't
find this information anywhere else.

You could (and may) spend the rest of the afternoon
surfing and "researching" only
to find that you've gained a wonderful knowledge of
what the problem is without
any knowledge of
what to do about it.

Let・s face it: You have been force-fed garbage and misinformation that will never put
your teen back on the right track.  All you have really been doing is building-up even
more barriers and creating more stress V for you and your family.

I'm tired of reading all the bad advice out there KI・m tired of seeing teenagers' lives
ruined because they just can・t be controlled Kand I・m tired of seeing parents chase their
tails in a hopeless cycle of frustration, drama and chaos.

I・m giving you the chance to break the cycle of abuse and mistrust Kto bring harmony
back into your life Kand to keep your child from self-destruction.  
And I・m going to
put my money where my mouth is:

If you don・t begin to experience success with these strategies within the first week, then
I want you to email me V V and say, :I want a refund.; With one
click of my mouse, I will send your refund-request to ClickBank (the secure network that
sells my eBook), and they will promptly refund 100% of your purchase.

Parenting strong-willed, out-of-control children is tough! If you don't know how, that is...

Here・s a recent email from a new member of Online Parent Support. She and her husband
sent this email to their son・s Counselor:
$29 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you could lose over
time with counseling, parent-education classes, psychiatric evaluations, treatment, etc.

Yes, for the price of dinner at a local restaurant, you will have all the information you
need to jump full force into getting peace and respect back in your house again. If you
need to justify the expense, skip taking the kids to McDonald's for dinner once this week
- and it's paid for.

If you・re going through the same parent-child conflict that most of the
other parents who land on this site are going through, then the problems
at home and school are not getting better -- they・re steadily getting worse.
How much longer are you willing to wait?  I'm guessing that you have
already wasted too much time and energy trying to get some real solutions.

I trust that you・ll take a step of faith here and get started with this on-line program

:Kcoming up with a proper diagnosis and treatment has taken us down many roads, all leading
to different therapies, parent-education classes, including Jayne Major's course B
Parenting Services
as well as James Lehman's Total Transformation Program. Through countless
hours of research and phone calls, we have discovered the different levels of support are dependent
on insurance, out of pocket expenses, including potentially selling our home and putting him in a
residential treatment center with no guarantees of a positive outcome. Needless to say, quality
intervention has been hard to find.

Recently we found an on-line course by Mark Hutten called
most helpful and pragmatic approach so far. We wanted to share with you where we are in the course
so we are all on the same page in helping our son and family through this crisis.;
You Can't Lose With My 100%, Ironclad, "Better-Than-Risk-Free"
Money Back Guarantee

I say "better-than-risk-free" because this whole package is yours to keep
even in the unlikely event you decide to ask for a refund.

If for any reason you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just
contact me within
365 days (that's right - one year!) and I'll give you a 100%
prompt and courteous refund -
no questions asked!
Mark Hutten, M.A. (Counseling Psychology)
David McLaughlin, MD (Consultant: Psychiatry)
Julie Kennedy, Psy.D. (Consultant: Clinical Psychology)
"I  just wanted to say a BIG
Thank You for your work!
I think, I mean I KNOW that
your e-books and website are
the most informative I have
ever seen. And I have looked
everywhere, read everything,
tried it all! Thank you!"  - D.G.

:Your ebook is very thorough
and has helped me and my
family immensely.  My
husband and I have a better
understanding now!  Since
completing the program, my
son Jonathon has brought his
grades up 35%, and he is
getting praise from teachers.  
The Assistant Principal wrote
a letter describing
improvements in Jonathan・s
behavior and gave it to me at
the parent-teacher
conference.;   - T.S.

:We thank everyone involved
with this program.  We are
using the techniques we have
learned on ALL of our children,
not just the one we were
having trouble with.;   - A.J.

:I found your book very helpful,
even though our child was
already in placement at a
juvenile facility.  Wish we had
taken this course years
ago.;   - T.P.

:I looked forward to each
session. It was my support to
get through the week.  Plus I
looked forward to what new
things to learn to help with my
child.  Thanks for your help.  
Thanks for being there."
                     - J.D.

:Everything was helpful. I wish
I had known about this class 3
years ago. I hope we haven・t
waited too long to try these
parenting techniques.;   
                    - M.Q.

"I am very pleased to know I
have somewhere I can come
for help -- and I thank you for
your help!"  - A.H.

"I know if it hadn't been for this
program, my son would be in
the 'system' and my stress
level would be through the
roof."  - J.L.

"It's been 6 weeks since my
wife and I completed the
ebook, and although things
are not perfect -- it's a lot
better than it was! Thanks."    
                    - S.H.

:The ebook was straight
forward and concise. It was
good to see another
approach.  I wish we had
started using these
techniques earlier."  - L.D.

:This program should be
mandatory for some
parents!"   - J.H.   

"I remember feeling so
helpless, like I couldn't do
anything about the chaos and
drama in my home. I told
myself, 'If you haven't got the
power, there is nothing you
can do about your situation' ...
Seeing myself as helpless
insured paralysis and provided
a powerful rationale for doing
nothing. But now I feel
empowered -- because most
of the things I'm trying actually
work."  - M.C.

"I pretended that things were
getting better on their own, but
this pretending took the place
of the effort required to bring
about real change. That's all
over now. I'm taking
responsibility for my part of
the problem, and my daughter
is accepting her part as
well."   - B.E.

"I think my biggest problem
was that I didn't change the
things that weren't working.
I kept using the same
parenting strategies and
hoped for different results.
This turned out to be almost
as big a problem as not trying
to fix problems in the first
place.  For example, I thought
threatening to do this or
that was an effective form of
discipline -- but since I had to
use it each day to correct the
same problem, it should have
been obvious that it was not a
good strategy. I have better
tools in my parenting toolbox
now.  Thanks for all your
help."  - G.B.

"I realized I was very good at
allowing my children to be
independent, but I was not
very good at setting clear and
firm limits for behavior. My
children easily discovered
rules that could be broken if
their protests were long and
loud enough ...Often times,
I just wanted to avoid the
hassle of a conflict. It was
easier for me to let the rules
slide than to deal with the
fuss. Also, it was sometimes
hard to refuse my children
anything, because I didn't
want them to be unhappy.
I thought "unhappy children"
equals "bad parents."  And I
guess at some level I was
afraid my children would
become angry and hate me if
I set boundaries. Now I know
that children want to know
that their parents are in
charge; they need structure
and limits. This concept alone
is helping me immensely."  
                   - J.W.

"Just a short note to say
thanks. We are now well into
your assignments and things
are going well. As you
predicted, things got a lot
worse to begin with, but the
three kids and both parents
are starting to settle well. We
are getting into a routine, and
now :no; is beginning to mean
:no,; consequences to actions
are beginning to be
recognized, and your method
of getting them to do
something is very effective.
Many thanks. I hope it's still
o.k. to write with any
questions as they come
along, as I feel we are only
part way through. And as they
get older, new things are
going to appear. Thanks
again."  - M.V.

"Thanks for the
accommodations. You are a
big help. I started some of the
pointers that we've talked
about, and I see some good
effects. It's very hard to switch
emotions, but I'm trying my
best. I think I will be sending
you a lot of thanks for this
book and for the warm
accommodation on the first
phone consultation.  I know I
got the right help now. I wish
God will give you more time to
accommodate parents like
me." - K.N.

"My husband and I have been
going over your book and we
have found it to be incredibly
helpful.  I am still losing
control over myself and getting
into screaming matches with
my ODD kid, but we are still
doing better than before we
found your book." - C.K.

:Thank you for saving my
family. When my 13-year-old
daughter turned into an angry
out of control person last
spring I had no idea of how to
handle her. Nor did the
therapists I consulted. I
thought I might have to put her
into a residential treatment
program. I found your website
and downloaded your book. I
refer to it as "the Bible." My
daughter's behavior turned
around the instant I stood up
to her and gave her limits. The
change was amazing and all
for the good. It has helped me
to be clear, less reactive,
calmer, more loving - and a lot
firmer. If a situation arises, I
feel that I know what to do and
what action to take. In other
words, you are a genius! I am
deeply grateful.; - J.B.
Here・s to a better
home environment,

Mark Hutten, M.A.
Juvenile Probation: SHOCAP Program
Parent-Teen Support Group
Online Parent Support, LLC

Madison Superior Court, Div. 2
3420 Mounds Road
Anderson, Indiana

Cell: 765.635.9037
Toll Free: 856.457.4883
(leave message)

A brief biography can be viewed here.
My Out-of-Control Teen eBook is the #1
Best Selling Parenting eBook in ClickBank.

Even if you have a very slow internet
connection, download time is only about
5 - 30 seconds.

Audio CDs of the
parent-program are
available to OPS members upon request.
Delivered in 3 - 7 days.
Here's one of the many Instructional Videos you
will be viewing during the four-week OPS program.
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ITEM: CB-drake333-1

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