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25 Jun 2009
Software for Writers

Quick Article Pro helps you write unique content on any topic in a fast and efficient manner. You just have to type in the topic of your article and the software provides you with relevant and precise information regarding the subject. Quick Article Pro saves your valuable time spent in researching and writing the article and provides you with brilliant content that can take your website to a top rank in search engine listings. read more  Download Trial
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Now available at a special price of $99.98 $49.99

Offer ends:
25 Jun 2009
Quick Article Submitter is a user friendly article submission software that submits articles to around 500 directories and regularly adds more sites to its database. It helps promote your article effectively by allowing you to find niche article directories that accept fast listings. Discover the power of having your article and content instantly indexed and crawled by search engine spiders when it is published on thousands of websites!
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Earlier I used to write a maximum of 2 articles a day, now I can write at least 6! This is great!
Nelly Fernandez, PA
Quick Article Submitter is one of the most incredible, time saving, full-featured SEO software packages I have ever used; I'm glad I found it, I just hope my competitors don't!
Brad Lessard
Quick Article Pro lives up to its name. It was incredible, in just half an hour I wrote a 500 word article on Cataracts and Their Causes!
Jim Foster
  • Your well written article can get more visitors to buy your products or services and increase your profits thereby.
  • Your website gets maximum hits when your article gets placed on the front page of an article publishing website.
  • Submitting articles to e-zines is a good way to popularize your website and get more visitors.
  • Links to genuine and useful information can keep the visitors at your site for the longest times.
  • A search engine friendly article can help a search engine spider to find and index your page faster. The better the quality of genuine articles on your site, the higher your site will be placed in the search results.
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  • Increase your site popularity and presence in super-fast time. This includes improving your Google PageRank.
  • Obtain better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • You vastly improve the traffic reaching your site, which of course will result in more sales.
  • Saves hours / days of your time with automatic article submissions.
  • Get more successful submissions first time.
  • Submit all of your websites in one go by setting up multiple site profiles.
  • With the extra time saved using an article submitter, you can develop your website and write more articles
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Quick Article Submitter Features
The Quick Article Pro is for you if:
  • You are a professional SEO content writer with dozens of articles to turn out
  • You run an online business and are in constant need of fresh content
  • You are tired of paying huge amounts to ghost writers to create articles for you, you would love an economical solution
  • Your English and grammar is passable but you need to generate high quality content
Does any of this sound like you?
Just try out the Demo of Quick Article Pro
  • Write high quality articles on any topic knowing next to nothing about it!
  • Increase your income, churn out huge numbers of articles in record time, bypassing hours of research
  • View related topics and extract keyword-rich, information laden sentences from the best sites the Web has to offer!
  • Manipulate and put together reams of keyword rich content for high impact SEO
  • Nourish your site and grow its popularity by keeping it supplied with fresh content all the time
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  • Publish your articles to hundreds of directories!
  • Generates free and targeted traffic
  • Increase your Google Page Rank
  • Submit an unlimited number of articles
  • Easily submit your content to multiple directories.
  • No more hand editing to meet different guidelines.
  • Automates all phases of submission and save time.
  • Lets you focus on writing content, not submitting it.

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