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Tonsilloliths - Why Do I Get Tonsil Stones?

That is one of the mysteries of our human condition. The simple fact is that there is no way of predicting who will and who will not develop tonsil stones with a hundred percent accuracy. There are people who never take care of their bodies and who have awful dental hygiene that never end up with the stones. At the same time, there are people who brush, floss, and use mouth wash religiously, and also live very healthy lifestyles and still develop tonsilloliths.

Some theories focus on genetics as predisposing people to the development of tonsil stones, much in the same manner that genetics can be a factor in the development of many different types of health issues. Other theories scoff at genetics having anything to do with tonsilloliths, and claim that it is clearly a matter of maintaining good health and solid dental hygiene habits. Each side of the question can easily cite examples that refute the claims of the other.

Where does that leave you? Essentially with no solid answer as to why you should develop tonsil stones and the next person should not. When it is all said and done, there are probably many factors involved that we are just beginning to understand.

However, one thing is very clear. While it is impossible to explain why some people get tonsilloliths and others don't, no matter how they live, it is possible to take basic precautions and thus minimize the chances of coming down with tonsil stones. That is probably where our main focus should be, and allow modern medicine to continue looking into the "why" of who does and does not get the stones.

In short, the only way to permanently get rid of tonsil stones is through using natural remedies. Surgery to remove tonsil stones is not necessary, easy and simple remedies is the best treatment.

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