Have you ever wondered...

"Why Should I Go On A 12 Week Diet, When I Can Lose All The Weight In Just 28 Days?"

Read On To Find Out The Exact System That Can Do This For You

Sculpt the Body Of Your Dreams as You ....

Lose More Than The 2lbs per Week. Discover how losing more than 2lbs a week is not only possible but safe..

Burn Fat While Sitting Around. Our special workouts have been optimized to have you burning fat for 36 hours straight after every workout even if you are sitting on the couch.

Don't Think About Your Diet. With our 'Done for You Diet' you don't need to know ANYTHING about losing weight as we have created all the rapid weight loss meal plans for you.

Stop The Frustration. Are you frustrated with the way your body looks? Frustrated with how fast you are losing weight? The synergy of the Warp Speed Fat Loss System will peel fat off you so fast - frustration will be a thing of the past.

Hi. Alwyn Cosgrove here?.quick question.

Would you like to banish up to 21lbs of nasty fat from your body in the next 28 days?

You may be like many of the people that we work with who are tired of settling for losing only 1-2lbs a week. If so please keep reading as I have some stories that I'd like to share with you.

I have a friend named Bill. Bill is busy guy - he runs 2 physical therapy clinics, his own personal training business, and still finds the time to be a great husband. However, due to his extremely busy schedule and life, Bill had recently found himself 10lbs overweight.

Right after Thanksgiving my colleague, nutritionist Mike Roussell (I'll tell you more about Mike in a minute), asked Bill if he would be interested in testing a new secret extreme fat loss project we were developing. Being the guy he is - Bill agreed. Just over 3 weeks later Bill had lost 17lbs.

Around the same time Mike put one of his clients on this secret fat loss diet and she was finally able to lose the 7lbs that had been plaguing her for months just in time for her long awaited Jamaican vacation and she had the hottest body on the beach

6.6lbs of Stubborn Fat - Gone

"When I heard about the Warp Speed Fat Loss System, I asked if I could be one of the original testers. I had spent a few months working to build muscle and I wanted to trim off some fat before my Christmas vacation in Jamaica.

I was already very lean when I started the program but I was still able to lose 6.6lbs and almost 3 inches in just 20 days!

The shocking part was that I didn't lose any muscle. I was so impressed with my results. I will most definitely use this program again before my July beach vacation for my 40th birthday."

Ann Marie Dube
Woodbury, NJ


By this time we knew that we were on to something (so far people had just been using Mike's diet and not even my training program). So we seamlessly meshed together our diet and training programs and shipped it out to people we had never met before to see if what we thought would happen would happen.

The results were just short of amazing.


"I Finally Have My 6 Pack!"

"I have tested out A LOT of different weight loss programs, but none of them came anywhere close to Warp Speed Fat Loss. The nutrition component was the real key to my success with the program. It is extremely simple and completely removes all the guesswork for you.

The fast results combined with the short time frame allowed me to really enjoy the process without ever feeling overwhelmed.

On top of the fat loss I achieved I also noticed that my energy levels increased a lot too. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose fat. I finally have my 6 Pack! You enjoy the program while you are doing it and you feel better than ever when you reach the finish line!"

Tom Gifford
State College, PA


Let me tell you one more quick story. One of the strangers that we shipped the program out to was a guy named John Wallace, an accountant in Cincinnati Ohio. John had been wanting to lose 10lbs for sometime but had never had an exact diet and training program laid out that he could follow (no thinking necessary - just "eat this" and "do these exercises").

He went all out with our secret project, did everything we told him, and got phenomenal results. In just the first 7 day he lost 8.5lbs! He is now walking around at the exact body he wanted.

Are you?

Before I give you more details about our "secret extreme fat loss project" which we now call Warp Speed Fat Loss I want to give you a little background on myself and Mike Roussell as you may nat be familiar with us. Our work has been seen on newsstands in magazines such as:

We have also both written and contributed to several mainstream books (you can check us out at your local bookstore).

I own and run my own gym (with my wife Rachel) in Santa Clarita California where I work with Soccer Moms, CEOs, high school kids, magazine cover models, and professional athletes. I also speak all over the country to trainers and fitness enthusiasts about training, performance, and fat loss.

My partner Mike is a nutrition wizard studying to get his PhD in Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University in one of the top cardiovascular nutrition research labs in the country.

Mike has lectured at the college level, spoken at national fitness and scientific conferences while at the same time maintaining a wide client base ranging from triathletes to salesmen to stay at home moms.?you get it.?when it comes to training, diet, and fat loss we?re not just making stuff up.

Let's get back to the important stuff and...

How Warp Speed Fat Loss is Different from Anything You?ve Ever Seen.


"In 18 Days I Lost 10 Pounds and 2 Inches Off My Waist"

"In just 18 days, I lost 10.5lbs , 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch from my waist, and my body fat dropped 2%.

I admit I was skeptical about the program before I started it but I am absolutely convinced about its effectiveness after losing 10.5lbs in only 18 days.

Thank you for putting this program together and giving my weight loss the kick start it needed."

British Columbia


"I Lost 18 Pounds and 2 Inches Off My Waist"

I'll be 61 in October and I've just completed the 4 week program. I lost 18lbs and 2 inches off my waist...My 'love handles' are finally gone

I love the meals and never really felt hungry. This is one of the most thorough programs I've ever tried. While tough, it was doable and brought the quick results as promised. Thanks."

Tim Baird
State College, PA


"11lbs of Fat Loss In Just 4 Weeks - Check Out My Pics!"

In April I was involved in a pretty serious car accident, 8 weeks later after some severe back pain, panic attacks ,unbelievable stress, lack of sleep and an inability to exercise I found my self pretty out of shape and had gone a little soft around my midsection. When I heard about Warp Speed Fat Loss, I thought I'd 'give it a go'. The results I achieved were amazing. 11lbs of fat lost in just 4 weeks- check out my pics!

Paul Mort
United Kingdom


"I've Never Had Abs, Until Now"

"There are so many gimmicks, fads, and self-appointed ?experts? contributing to the noise that is the modern day world of fitness and training. At a particular point you have to sift through the garbage, find a real mentor, block out the noise, and focus on the task at hand. Allow me to save you the trouble of digging through the trash and seeking out a true guide.

Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell are the real thing. They have developed a fat-loss program that has taken out the guess-work and planning, and leaves you with the preparation and execution.

I do not find it easy to get lean. Mike Roussell has laid out a perfect balance of low carb and low calorie, and how to properly cycle to get maximum fat loss. I?ve never had abs, until now! Plenty of excuses, but no abs. Mike?s Warpspeed Nutrition plan works. It has simple recipes, variety, substitutions, and a strategically designed outline that makes it easy to prepare meals.

The results, after following the 28-day clearly-defined plan, speak for themselves. It?s not a random, one-size fits all generic fitness scheme. It?s tailored to your starting weight and evolves specific to your progress throughout the 28 days. If you focus on following it as prescribed, you will see (in my case, unprecedented) results.

I recommend this program with the utmost enthusiasm.

Danny Verna
Boston, MA


"I Lost 13 Pounds and 2 Inches off My Waist"

I used Warp Speed Fat Loss for just three weeks before a wedding I had to attend. While on the program I lost 13lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I was very happy with my results and surpassed my goal weight for my wedding. I recommend anyone that needs to lose weight fast use Warp Speed Fat Loss to reach their goal.

Donnie Harris
McMinnville, TN


"Now I Can Wear Anything In My Closet"

"Your program rocks! I've exceeded my goals! I am so happy because whereas before every morning I would have to search for some pair of "elastic" somethings to wear, now I can wear anything in my closet! (And there's a lot in my closet, so I can go weeks without doing laundry now!).

At the gym where I workout at a girl was watching me work out and she questioned me about my program. She thought it was some sort of national challenge! I told her about you guys--I kind of hate saying "fat loss" at this point because I don't have any more fat to lose, but I just love the workouts!"

Paula Gawlas
Scotsdale, AZ



"I Lost 20lbs in 28 Days"

Warp Speed Fat Loss is amazing. I lost 20 pounds in 28 days, and I
look and feel better than I have in years. I have a new way to eat and work out that is incredibly healthy and that I enjoy.

Not only has my body changed, but my mindset about food and exercise has been completely transformed! This program has completely changed my life! I want to thank Mike and Alwyn, and I encourage anyone who is looking to make serious changes to try this program.

John Hawkins
San Ramon, CA


"I Lost 16lbs of Body Fat"

I love your program ! I lost 16 pounds of body fat on the Warp Speed Fat Loss. I love how I look and feel!

Thank You Alwyn and Mike !!!!

Seattle, WA



This is NOT just a fat loss training program: When you think about it there are a lot of training programs available. I?d like you to consider something for a minute?just about




The scary truth is that many people selling and/or publishing fat loss program don?t train people. Some of them have NEVER trained people.

Not me. I'm an "in the trenches" guy. I'm there. My income depends on one thing - RESULTS. I have trained and overseen the training and progress of over 200 people per week for the past EIGHT years since we opened our gym!

The bottom line is that the Warp Speed Fat Loss Program is about stripping fat off real people really fast.

Lost 10lbs in Just 2 Weeks

"I went to Mike Roussell a few weeks ago with the intention of dropping 10-12lbs over the course of a month. What he sent me was the diet component of the Warp Speed Fat Loss System, and needless to say, the results were pretty damn cool.

My goal was to lose 10-12lbs in a month...the problem was, I did it in only TWO WEEKS!"

Mike Robertson
Fishers, IN


Smashed His Weight Loss Plateau

"I had hit a plateau with my weight loss and had been stuck at the same weight for the past 4 months. The Warp Speed Fat Loss program helped me break out from that plateau and lose over 1.5 inches from my waist in just 4 weeks."

Thomas Brewster
Dayton, OH


This is NOT just a diet: Think about all the diets out there. Which one is going to strip the fat off your body the fastest?

You could use a

  • Low Calorie Diet

  • Low Fat/High Carb Diet

  • Low Starch Diet

  • Low Carb Diet

  • Ketogenic Diet

  • Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

  • Low GI Diet

  • Carb Cycling Diet

  • Nutrient Timing Diet

  • Or any of the hundred diet gimmicks out there

Here?s the thing?

Warp Speed Fat Loss puts ALL of these to work for you.

How is that possible?

The reason is simple: Advanced Manipulation of Human Biochemistry, Physiology to Maximize Fat Mobilization and Oxidation

That sounds pretty confusing huh?

Well...the beauty of the whole thing is that you don?t need to know anything about ANY OF THAT because my partner in crime, Mike, has done the work for you.

Here are just some of the scientific studies that Mike has scoured to form the Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet

Mike has scoured THOUSANDS of scientific studies, extracted, and compiled the fastest and most effective fat loss diet that I have ever seen.

AND you can start putting it into action less than 60 seconds from now.

Right about now you may be thinking

"Yeah, I've heard all this before. What is this really all about?"

Fair question.

Let me show you what really makes Warp Speed Fat Loss different.

But just because everybody else loses weight these ways doesn?t mean they're right!

The fact is that we are conditioned nowadays to get results (in anything) fast. ?Popular? (and unpopular) weight loss methods assume that there is a limit to how quickly you can lose weight.

Do you know how many times I have said:

?You can only safely lose 2lbs per week.?

Guess what?

I was dead wrong.

In fact the exact opposite is true. See, I have discovered that a person?s rate of fat loss is like a thermostat ? you can just keep cranking it up.

Here?s a diagram to help you see what people experience with the Warp Speed Fat Loss System

I can assure you that you haven?t seen a training and diet knockout punch like this before, and once you experience Warp Speed Fat Loss you?ll never go back to your ?old ways? again.

But let me be perfectly clear.

If you are looking to lose 50lbs - this is not for you. If you have 20lbs of fat to lose and you don't want to spend 12 weeks fighting with your body to get rid of it then Warp Speed Fat Loss was designed for you - this is extreme fat loss.

If you are in a time crunch then you'll be happy because...

For The First Time EVER: We?ll show you EXACTLY How to Put the Proven Warp Speed Fat Loss System to Work Stripping Your Body of Fat Faster Than You have Ever Experienced!


As part of the Warp Speed Fat Loss System you will receive the 28 day fat loss blueprint in detail beyond anything that you have ever experienced. It is so simple that if you can follow instructions like:

"On day 1 eat foods X, Y, and Z at these times and do these exercises in this order" then you can be a Warp Speed Fat Loss success story and lose up to 21lbs in just 28 days.

As you know the core of the Warp Speed Fat Loss System is the synergy between the exercise program and diet plan.

To ensure that you can take maximum advantage of this we will provide you with all 24 Fat Smashing Workouts and 28 days of Weight Reducing, Body Fat Melting Meal Plans.

He Lost 11.8lbs in 7 Days!!

"Let's be honest: in order to stick to a fat loss program, most people need to see immediate and encouraging results during the first couple weeks or they are going to say "screw it" and revert back to their former eating habits. It's just the nature of the 'immediate gratification' society we live in.

Well, if seeing dramatic, quantifiable results during the first 1-2 weeks of a fat loss program is what you need in order to stay compliant long term, Mike & Alwyn's WSFL program is going to deliver the type of "right now" results faster than any other fat loss program out there. It's the only thing I recommend to my clients who are a month or less from a class reunion, bathing suit vacation, wedding, or similar type of special event which they've failed to leave adequate time to prepare for.

I personally used it and lost 17lbs in 28 days."

P.J. Streit
FORCE Fitness & Performance
Cincinnati, OH


In addition, with the Warp Speed Fat Loss System you will:

  • Discover the powerful ?Targeted Fat Loss Cardio ? that has been scientifically crafted and designed to vaporize lower abdominal and inner thigh fat.

  • Learn how to guarantee that you never lose one ounce of fat burning muscle (A recent study from the University of Connecticut showed that if you don?t do this you can lose up to 3.2lbs of muscle)

  • The specific weight training routines that have been optimized so you will continue to burn body fat 38 hours later (even if you are sitting on the couch watching TV).

  • The 2 Exercises you don?t know about that will turn your entire body into a Fat Burning Machine.

  • The biggest mistake you can make with your weight loss training.

  • The exact cardio prescription that will increase your fat loss by over 100% while cutting your workout time in half.

  • The 4 letter word that you must master so you can lose fat light years faster than anyone you know (don?t worry we will tell you what it is and how to easily harness its power).

  • Why you can kiss those excruciatingly long 2 hour workouts good bye while your burn more fat and get out of the gym in 56 minutes or less.

  • 28 Days of meal plans, listing exactly everything you need to eat (It doesn?t matter if you weigh 130lbs or 215lbs we have the specific diet plans for you).

  • The one trick to shifting your carbohydrate intake that will fuel your fat burning exercise session while unleashing your stored bodyfat.

  • The shocking truth about how much protein you need to ?protect? your muscle when losing weight.

  • How to boost your metabolism by eating certain foods (that?s right ? just by eating certain types of food you?ll burn more calories than if you didn?t).

  • How to extract the fat loss benefits from low carb diets without suffering from the energy lows that plague most people on them.
"I Definitely Recommend This Program to Anyone Who is Looking to Lose Body Fat FAST"

"I was really excited to use the Warp Speed Fat Loss System. I had already been dieting for two weeks before the program began. I was a little concerned that I would lose too much weight with Warp Speed Fat Loss because I had already been on a diet.

Boy was I wrong!

I lost 16lbs and 3 inches in the 4 weeks that I used Warp Speed Fat Loss.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking to lose body fat FAST."

Blair Baxter
Philadelphia, PA


He Didn't Think He Could Lost THAT Much Weight

I am fairly active and exercise regularly. I have been trying to lose that last five pounds or so for quite sometime, with not much success. It seemed that no matter what I did, I just couldn't shed it.

By using Warp Speed Fat Loss I was able to lose 12.6lbs and 1.5 inches off my waist!

I was so supervised that I was able to lose that much weight. I didn't realize that I was even capable of getting back to what I weighed in college (10 years ago). I am getting lots of compliments on how I'm in such great shape. I started playing softball a few weeks ago, after our winter break and the guys kept asking me what I had done over the winter to be looking so lean and fit.

This program was great for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight."

Jason Wilhelm
British Columbia


So by now you are probably wondering?.

How much is mind-blowing fat loss going to cost me??

Allow me to explain?if you are going to come to my gym and get JUST a 4 week fat loss program that is going to cost you $199. That's JUST program design.

Let?s say you aren?t going to do that so you?re next option is to hire a personal trainer. The Warp Speed Fat Loss System consists of 24 workouts. Even a lousy trainer is going to cost you $60 per session. That comes to $1440. But you don?t really know if that trainer knows anything about 21st Century Fat Loss Training.

Now you need your nutrition program. You can try to find a nutritionist in your area and meet with them once if they are good it will cost you minimum of $150 for a 1 month diet and they probably won?t give you exactly everything you need to eat AND you diet won?t be optimized to provide maximum fat loss in just 28 days.

So if you add up the cost of a personal trainer and nutritionist and program design it is going to run you over $1600.

Warp Speed Fat Loss is just a fraction of that (about 5%). For only $97 you will be handed the exact system that has been responsible for mind-blowing weight loss (17lbs in just over 3 weeks, 8lbs in 7 days, etc, lose 3 inches off your waist).

You have a decision to make?

Is a new lean body worth $97 to you?

  • It sure would be if you have failed to lose the weight, hanging off your belly time and time again. Can you imagine how good you?ll look with your slim and trim waistline.

  • It sure would be if you are sick and tired of being embarrassed to be seen in your bathing suit. If you can commit yourself for 28 days imagine how good it will feel the first time you go to the beach and reveal your new body.

  • It sure would be if you were fed up with being disgusted by what you see when you look in the mirror. After using the Warp Speed Fat Loss Program you won?t recognize yourself in the mirror.

For only $97 you will receive the:

  • Warp Speed Fat Loss Manual

  • 24 Warp Speed Fat Loss Workouts

  • Warp Speed Fat Loss Workout Sheets - Just print out these forms, take them to the gym with you, and you'll on your way to Warp Speed Fat Loss.

  • 28 days of delicious Warp Speed Fat Loss Meal Plans - These are designed specifically to match your bodyweight whatever it is.

  • Warp Speed Fat Loss Exercise Library - Full of detailed explanations and images of all the exercises and special coaching tips to maximize your results

  • Fat Loss Mastermind Audio - What are your most pressing fat loss questions? What is truly holding you back from rapid and massive weight loss? In this 60 minute teleconference Mike and I answer the most pressing fat loss questions of 25 Warp Speed Fat Loss Practitioners, discuss the key features we see in our clients that achieve jaw dropping weight loss, and a lot more. As an added bonus we will provide for you FREE a transcription of this recording so you can follow along, take notes, and refer back to time and time again (as I'm sure you will).

  • Targeted Fat Loss and Interval Fat Loss Audio Coaching -

  • Warp Speed Diet Primer Video - As I've mentioned the complete Warp Speed Diet is completely done for you. All you need to do is print out the meal plan associated with your weight and eat what Mike tells you. BUT...you may be wondering "What if I don't like the foods Mike picks?" That is what the Warp Speed Diet Primer Video is for. In this video Mike shows you the super simple step by step process of how you can insert your favorite foods into the diet without effecting your fat loss AT ALL.

  • Straight Talk About Calories Video - Many Warp Speed Practitioners wondered - "How did Mike come up with this diet?" "Is there anyway that I can tweak it based on my body?" This video answers both these questions and more. In this video Mike takes you step by step on how he created this rapid weight loss diet AND he shows you simple 'personalization' tweaks that you can make to the diet in order to make it tailored to you. Mike also reveals his method for maximizing his clients' fat loss - I was surprised he shared this.

Plus you also get:

FREE Warp Speed Fat Loss Add-On:

The "Great Unveiling" Rapid 6 Day Weight Reduction Protocol"

For years I have worked with boxers, wrestlers, fitness competitors, and bodybuilders who require that they show up on a specific day at a specific weight looking unbelievable. I have never shared my time tested "peaking" secrets until now.

Do you have a wedding, reunion, or vacation coming up?

Or do you just want to look freakin' cover model amazing when you go to the beach?

"The Great Unveiling" Rapid Weight Reduction Protocol is exactly what you need to make you look your best on the day you choose.

In this special "cheat sheet" I'll show you exactly how to manipulate your body's water and sodium levels to look unbelievable in just 6 days. It is not uncommon for my clients to drop 5-10% of their body weight in just 6 days using the simple steps that I am going to give you for free.

FREE Warp Speed Fat Loss Add-On:

The "Ripped Ready Abs" Routine

Do you want razor sharp abs?

The kind of six pack that makes the opposite sex stop and stare?

The Ripped Ready Abs Routine is my other secret weapon that goes perfectly with the Warp Speed Fat Loss System.

One word of warning. The Ripped Ready Abs Routine does not contain any crunches. This is not your regular routine (if it were you'd just get regular results).

Just perform these four simple exercises up to 3 times a week in conjunction with the Warp Speed Fat Loss Program to carve out the abs you have always coveted. Not available anywhere else - The Ripped Ready Abs Routine is yours free today if you purchase the Warp Speed Fat Loss System.

I want the Warp Speed Fat Loss System and the Two FREE Add-Ons so I can be super lean in just 28 Days.

You have nothing to fear because you are protected by a full 60 day ? 100% money back guarantee for every penny you have paid. That means you can go through the full program in its entirety (TWICE) and if you are not happy for whatever reason (or no reason at all) then just let us know, we?ll refund your money, you keep the system, and the incredible fat loss that you experienced is on us.

Look ? 28 days from now you could be nothing more than a month older or you could be fitting into smaller clothes, enjoying your new lean, sexy body.

You decide.

So get your credit card ready, click the order button, and start achieving Warp Speed Fat Loss.

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Lose Up To 20lbs in the next 28 days and
  • I understand The Warp Speed System is Completely Done for me and all I need to do is eat the foods listed each day and do the prescribed exercise for rapid weight loss.
  • I will receive the downloadable version of the Warp Speed Fat Loss System including the two free 'add-ons'.
  • I also understand both of the FREE 'add-ons' I receive are mine to keep even if I return "Warp Speed Fat Loss" for a full refund.

Retail Price: $147.00

Sale Price: $97.00



"I Know I Can Trust Anything With Your Name On It"

I lost just a hair shy of 15 lbs in 4 weeks.... not bad huh?!

I was already fairly lean as a personal trainer myself. But I've been an avid follower and fan of Alwyn Cosgrove for quite some time, and I was very curious about this program. (Plus, I have a beach trip to go on with my wife in June so I needed a jump start :)

There's alot of "gimmick" fat loss programs out there, but with Alwyn's name on it, I knew I was in good hands.

At 6'2", I started at about 195 lbs and this morning, I weighed in at 180.2. Needless to say, I am very pleased! I did this program for two reasons...

1) getting a jump start for myself and get ideas and inspiration.... and

2) wanted to show and prove to my clients that when you really focus and stay on course, results will come.

I didn't cheat at all and I dropped 15 lbs.

Some of the recipes were incredible and will now be staples in my nutrition. Even with the caloric deficit, I was not hungry.

This program has inspired ideas to use with my clients and was worth every penny. Now that I've done this program, I know I can trust anything with your name on it. Your nutrition plans get results, and that is what people are looking for! To put it simply, you are doing what you were born to do.

Sorry for the long email, but I wanted to give credit where credit was due. Great program!

Mike Whitfild
Acworth, GA

To Your Fat Loss Success,

Alwyn Cosgrove
Santa Clarita,CA

P.S. Remember you can start melting fat off your body right away as all the workouts and meals are already laid out for you.


P.P.S. You risk NOTHING by trying our Warps Speed Fat Loss System with our 8 week 100% Money Back "Keep the Bonuses For Your Trouble" Guarantee. We take on all the risk so that you can use the Warp Speed Fat Loss System essentially for FREE if you choose.

P.P.P.S. Remember you are only 24 workouts and 28 days away from the body of your dreams.


NOTE: The Warp Speed Fat Loss System is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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