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Make your home page a list building page, no matter what. The only job of the main page of your website should be to get somebody excited enough to want to opt in, and establish some sort of relationship with you, so that you can communicate with them on an ongoing basis. If you're a little bit technical, or you have HTML experience, you can build a squeeze page yourself by modeling or setting other people's list building pages. Or, you can try one of the squeeze page creators out there.

Keep a swipe file. Bookmark list building pages that create a reaction within you. Go back to the pages that you joined someone else's list from and bookmark them, so you can look back and see what they did to get you excited enough to join their list. Don't copy the site word-for-word, obviously. That's plagiarism. Use what the other people have written to model your pages. In other words, rewrite them so that they're yours. That way you'll have no legal ramifications.

You'll need to set up a form from your autoresponder in the page, too. Depending upon which autoresponder you use, it will be done in different ways. Just be sure that whichever one you use, you ask for only name, even only first name, and email address. This information will be easier to get because people don't like giving out information. If you ask for too much, like address, and especially telephone number, they might back away. After you're established this probably won't matter, but when you're just starting out with list building, you need to keep it simple.

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